The editorial board of the journal is constituted of researchers and professionals in equal shares. All the articles published are previously reviewed by at least two members of this board: a researcher and a professional from the industry. This process guaranties scientific quality and robustness of the sources on one hand and consistency of the format, angle, presentation of the results and scientific level with our readers’ expectations on the other hand.

Publication director Jean-Philippe Roby, Bordeaux Sciences Agro (France)
Editor-in-chief vine Damian Martin, Plant and Food research (New Zealand)
Editor-in-chief wine Nikolaos Kontoudakis, Agricultural University of Athens (Greece)
Editorial manager Julien Dumercq, International Viticulture and Enology Society

Members of the board

Rob Agnew, Plant and Food research (New Zealand)
Marie-Laure Badet Murat,
Oenoteam (France)
Jordi Ballester
, University of Burgundy (France)
Philippe Bardet, vignobles Bardet (France)
Maxime Barreau, vignobles Barreau (France)
Sue Bastian, University of Adelaïde (Australia)
Mathilde Boisseau, Hennessy (France)
Manuela Brando, château Lafite Rothschild (France)
Marc Brévot, Moët Hennessy Champagne Services (France)
Fernando Buscema, Catena Institute of Wine (Argentina)
Kleopatra Chira, University of Bordeaux (France)
Cassandra Collins, University of Adelaïde (Australia)
Maya Dalla Valle, Dalla Valle Vineyards (USA)
Mario de la Fuente, PTVino (Spain)
Rutger de Vink, Rdv Vineyards (USA)
Vincent Decup, château Montrose (France)
Arnaud Delaherche, vignobles Magrez (France)
Lionel Delbac, INRA Bordeaux (France)
François Delmotte, INRA Bordeaux (France)
Pascale Deneulin, Changins high school of viticulture and oenology (Switzerland)
Benoit Divol, Stellenbosch University (South Africa)
Julien Ducruet, Oenodis (France)
Gérald Ferrari, Bureau National Interprofessionnel du Cognac (France)
Helder Fraga, Universidade de Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro (Portugal)
Andy Frost, Pernod-Ricard Winemakers (New Zealand)
Rémy Fulchic, château Léoville Las Cases (France)
Hélène Génin, château Latour (France)
Lars Grebe, Rotkäppchen-Mumm (Germany)
Régis Gougeon, University of Burgundy (France)
Nicolas Guichard, Consultant Winemaker (France)
Christopher Howell, Cain vineyards (USA)
Nathalie Juré, Opus One (USA)
Rainer Keicher, Hochschule Geisenheim University (Germany)
James Kennedy, Enology Consultant (USA)
Georgios Kotseridis, Agricultural University of Athens (Greece)
Virginie Lauvergeat, University of Bordeaux (France)
Rodrigo Laytte, Estates and wines, LVMH (France)
Bertrand Léauté, LEC laboratory (France)
Aline Lonvaud, University of Bordeaux (France)
Miguel Luna, Silverado Farming (USA)
Patrick Lucas, University of Bordeaux (France)
Francis Macary, IRSTEA Bordeaux (France)
Axel Marchal, University of Bordeaux (France)
Edwin Massey, New Zealand Winegrowers (New Zeland)
Gilles Masson, Centre du rosé (France)
Oliver Masters, Consultant Winemaker (New Zeland)
Dion Mundy, Plant and Food research (New Zealand)
Maria Nikolantonaki, University of Burgundy (France)
Anita Oberholster, University of California, Davis (USA)
Marc Ouvrié, Viticulture Consultant (France)
Sylvain Pabion, château de Marsannay (France)
Julian Palacios, Viticulture Consultant (Spain)
Basile Pauthier, Comité Interprofessionnel du Vin de Champagne (France)
Muriel Régaldo-Saint Blancard, CIVB, retired (France)
Hervé Romat, Consultant Winemaker (France)
Thomas Rospars, Inno’vin (France)
Peter Salamone, Research Oenovation Collective (USA)
Richard Smart, Smart Viticulture (New Zealand)
Hanneli Smit, Vinlab (South Africa)
Panagiotis Tataridis, University of West Attica (Greece)
Sophie Tempère, University of Bordeaux (France)
Sandrine Weingartner, Hennessy (France)
Jim White, Cloudy Bay Vineyards (New Zealand)
Frédéric Zahm, IRSTEA Bordeaux (France)

Invited members
Cornelis van Leeuwen, Bordeaux Sciences Agro (France)
Pierre-Louis Teissedre, University of Bordeaux (France)