Published: 31 January 2020

Table of Contents

Water as a critical issue for viticulture in southern Europe: sustainability vs competiveness

Joaquim Miguel Costa, Margarida Vaz, José Mariano Escalona, Ricardo Egipto, Carlos Manuel Lopes, Hipolito Medrano, Maria Manuela Chaves

Beware the brown marmorated stink bug!

Jean-Claude Streito, Marguerite Chartois, Éric Pierre, Jean-Pierre Rossi

Grapevine Latent Bud Dormancy and Shoot Development

Anne Pellegrino, Suzy Rogiers, Alain Deloire

A few words on grapevine leaf water potential

Alain Deloire, Anne Pellegrino, Suzy Rogiers

Downy mildew is able to carry out its sexual cycle on resistant grape varieties

Lionel Delbac, Laurent Delière, Christophe Schneider, François Delmotte

Does water deficit negatively impact wine grape yield over the long term?

Alexander D. Levin, Alain Deloire, Gregory A. Gambetta

Leveraging the grapevine drought response to increase vineyard sustainability

Silvina Dayer, Mark Gowdy, Cornelis van Leeuwen, Gregory A. Gambetta

Origins of the sweetness derived from the aging of dry wines: the role of oak triterpenoids

Axel Marchal, Pierre Waffo-Téguo, Marine Gammacurta, Andréi Prida, Denis Dubourdieu

Does barrel size influence white wine aging quality?

María Reyes González-Centeno, Cécile Thibon, Pierre-Louis Teissedre, Kleopatra Chira

How can the water regime and nitrogen status of the vine influence aging aromas in red wines?

Nicolas Le Menn, Cornelis van Leeuwen, Laurent Riquier, Gilles de Revel, Stéphanie Marchand